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  • Silent Hypnosis Demonstration from 1938
    Photographic Study of Hypnosis This silent film shows a woman being hypnotized and includes both pre and post hypnosis scenes. The hypnotist Dr Lester f Beck of the University of Oregon, demonstrates how a patient’s mind can be manipulated as he pin pricks and burns his female subject with controlled and suggestive reactions. Lester F. […]
  • Gastric Band Surgery Hypnotherapy
    Gastric Band Surgery Hypnotherapy The real bariatric surgery or gastric band surgery is pretty intensive. It is very costly the average cost of lap band surgery in North America is approximately $4000 and can be as high as $20000. That is a pretty expensive surgery. It also involves an intensive healing period. Yes, a gastric […]
  • Stop Smoking NOW Hypnotherapy
    Stop Nicotine Addiction with Hypnosis Hollywood Stars Quit Nicotine using hypnosis Ellen Degeneres, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron all are A List top Hollywood Stars and all have used hypnosis to quit smoking. Ellen quit live on her popular television talk show and was hypnotized live by Paul Mckenna a world renowned hypnosis […]
  • End Depression Hypnotherapy Session
    Hypnotherapy to End Depression Do you have feelings of being under the weather? Not in the mood to associate and interact with others and enjoy a good time? Have you ever wondered how much more enjoyable life will be when your happy? Can you imagine yourself being happy today and living a better life? The […]
  • Ace Your Exams
    Ace Your Exams – Subliminal Hypnotic Affirmations Have you ever wondered how it would feel to get 100% on your exams? Can you imagine how amazing it will be to ace your exams? You can see how being an A+ student is beneficial do you not? We can help you become an A+ student by […]

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  • 20-minute naps, yoga and self-hypnosis keep pilots going - gulfnews.com
    gulfnews.com20-minute naps, yoga and self-hypnosis keep pilots goinggulfnews.comAbu Dhabi: Flying for days at a stretch in a single-seater aircraft whose cockpit does not allow one to stand up was a tough task for the two pilots of Solar Impulse 2 (Si2), a zero-emission electric and solar aeroplane, which completed its global ...Solar Impulse 2 lands in […]
  • How to Orgasm with a Guy? Hypnosis - Glamour
    GlamourHow to Orgasm with a Guy? HypnosisGlamourBarker got into hypnosis when he was a police officer interviewing criminals. Hypnosis, he explained to me, is a form of persuasion—and he's damn good at it. As he spoke about the power of positive thinking and deprogramming toxic thought patterns, I ...
  • Mom Uses Hypnosis as a Parenting Tool - ABC News
    ABC NewsMom Uses Hypnosis as a Parenting ToolABC NewsHypnosis is a clinical technique typically used to treat conditions like anxiety and pain but some say it could also help as a parenting tool. “Hypnosis and parenting is a natural solution,” Lisa Machenberg, a hypnotherapist and mother of three, told ...and more »