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  • Gastric Band Surgery Hypnotherapy
    Gastric Band Surgery Hypnotherapy The real bariatric surgery or gastric band surgery is pretty intensive. It is very costly the average cost of lap band surgery in North America is approximately $4000 and can be as high as $20000. That is a pretty expensive surgery. It also involves an intensive healing period. Yes, a gastric […]
  • Stop Smoking NOW Hypnotherapy
    Stop Nicotine Addiction with Hypnosis Hollywood Stars Quit Nicotine using hypnosis Ellen Degeneres, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron all are A List top Hollywood Stars and all have used hypnosis to quit smoking. Ellen quit live on her popular television talk show and was hypnotized live by Paul Mckenna a world renowned hypnosis […]
  • End Depression Hypnotherapy Session
    Hypnotherapy to End Depression Do you have feelings of being under the weather? Not in the mood to associate and interact with others and enjoy a good time? Have you ever wondered how much more enjoyable life will be when your happy? Can you imagine yourself being happy today and living a better life? The […]
  • Ace Your Exams
    Ace Your Exams – Subliminal Hypnotic Affirmations Have you ever wondered how it would feel to get 100% on your exams? Can you imagine how amazing it will be to ace your exams? You can see how being an A+ student is beneficial do you not? We can help you become an A+ student by […]
  • Medical Hypnosis Throat Cancer Operation While Woman Sings
    Hypnotized French Singer Alama Kante Sings Through Throat Surgery Alama Kante the french singer originally from Guinea had cancer in her throat and had to have surgery. Alama Kante's career is singing so she sought out options to prevent the surgery from destroying her livelihood. Enter medical hypnosis, the hypnotist was able to trance her […]

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  • Doctor Practices Hypnosis by Phone - PressReleasesOnline.Net (press release)
    Doctor Practices Hypnosis by PhonePressReleasesOnline.Net (press release)San Diego, CA – In an innovative approach to anxiety treatment using hypnotherapy, Dianne Ruth, PhD announced she is converting her practice entirely to a phone therapy model. Ruth reports many benefits as a result of this hypnosis over the phone ...
  • Court eyes use of hypnosis in Hernandez case - Cherry Hill Courier Post
    Cherry Hill Courier PostCourt eyes use of hypnosis in Hernandez caseCherry Hill Courier PostProsecutors asked a judge Monday to bar any mention of hypnosis — or any information obtained through it — from former Maple Shade resident Pedro Hernandez' murder trial in the 1979 vanishing of Etan Patz, one of the first missing children ever […]
  • Court Eyes Use Of Hypnosis In Pedro Hernandez Case - Huffington Post
    Court Eyes Use Of Hypnosis In Pedro Hernandez CaseHuffington PostCourts around the country have grappled for years with what to do about testimony drawn out through hypnosis. A 1987 U.S. Supreme Court ruling said that states couldn't prohibit all defendants from giving "hypnotically refreshed" testimony on their own ...